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Category: Skin Care


Keloid After Ear Piercing

Of all the locations where patients can develop a Keloid scar, the earlobe is often the most frustrating and anxiety producing! Unfortunately, the earlobe is


Showing Acne Who’s the Boss

Acne is the bane of every teenager and some adults. But there’s no reason to suffer through it, as you may have done when you

Skin Cancer

Know Your ABCs of Skin Cancer

Skin cancer isn’t an unknown any longer. These days, we’re not out on a boat on the Chesapeake slathering baby oil all over ourselves and


We’ll Help Your Teen Bid Adieu to Acne

There are certain “coming of age” things you have to go through in high school. Prom. Boring teachers (Bueller? Anyone? Anyone?). Perennial lack of sleep.

Skin Cancer

How Well Do You Know Skin Cancer?

Nowadays everyone thinks they’re somewhat of an expert on skin cancer. Between having growths ourselves, or hearing about those of friends, most of us know


Sunscreen 101

At Profile MD, addressing skin cancer is one of our myriad services, and be sure to wear your sunscreen! With so much water all around

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