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Earlobe Repair in Maryland

Earlobe Repair

The procedure is quick and comfortable.

Earlobe Surgery

Split earlobes are a defect usually caused by trauma or by wearing heavy earrings over a long period of time. For example, a baby jerks a dangling earring out of his mother’s ear. The result is a defect that runs from the piercing point to the end of the earlobe. Sometimes the tear is incomplete resulting in an enlarged hole.

The cosmetic surgeon repairs one or both ears in about 30 minutes. Our earlobe surgery procedure is quick and comfortable. Generally, you will be able to re-pierce your ear after 6-8 weeks but this should be done with the approval of the surgeon.

At Profile MD, Dr. Mallalieu can artfully restore your stretched or completely torn earlobe.

The skin of the earlobe can thin and tear with time. In some cases, the opening may be stretched or torn due to trauma (think of a baby grabbing for your shiny earring), while in others it’s a case of simply wearing earrings over time (do you routinely sleep with earrings in?). Some patients have deliberately stretched their earlobes with gauges. Rest assured whatever the reason for your earlobe damage, Profile MD can restore them quickly and safely.

Earlobe restoration is performed under local anesthesia in one of our procedure rooms. A small amount of local anesthesia is injected to completely numb the earlobe. Once the repair is complete, patients may use Tylenol (acetaminophen) or Motrin (Ibuprofen) for any discomfort.

Earlobe restoration takes about 30 minutes to complete and patients can resume most activities within 24 hours of the procedure. Small sutures are left in place for 1 week. Patients can resume showering after 24 hours and may resume light exercise at 48 hours. Care for the incision site is simple and involves applying antibiotic ointment to the earlobe once daily.

Patients may shower and wash their hair the first day after surgery. You may also return to exercise the next day. It is advised that you avoid sleeping on a flat surface immediately following surgery. Spend the first night slightly elevated to minimize swelling.

All surgeries will leave a small scar. This typically heals beautifully and is often hard to see after a few weeks. Profile MD also offers laser scar therapy to further improve the appearance of scars when desired.

Generally, it is best to wait 6-8 weeks to re-pierce your ear after earlobe restoration. This allows for the repair to fully heal.

In some cases, the earlobe may thin without the opening actually enlarging. In this case, surgical correction may not be indicated. Instead, dermal filler can be used to volumize the lobe and help hold the earring in a pleasing orientation.



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