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TruSculpt Body Shaping

TruSculpt Flex improves your muscle tone, shape, and strength in the same way exercise does.

This non-surgical treatment is a great fit for those who want to firm and enhance muscles in their abdomen, arms, thighs, or buttocks.

TruSculpt Body Shaping:
Controlled electrical impulses stimulate the muscles

Our bodies use electrical impulses to signal muscle contraction. TruSculpt body shaping works on the same principle, delivering controlled and safe levels of electrical stimulation to treatment areas. Using electrodes and TruGel, the muscles are stimulated in a safe and comfortable way. It can be tailored to your fitness level, body shape, and goals.

Four to six quick treatments to your selected areas can give months’ worth of results. To maintain your improvements, patients can enroll in our TruSculpt membership program. The device can be adjusted to increase muscle stimulation as you build and tone. Just as you might experience soreness after a strenuous workout in the gym, TruSculpt may cause tingling and muscle fatigue during and after treatment, but there is NO downtime.

The answer is quite simple. TruSculpt Flex delivers adaptable, stunning results. Our clinicians will help you develop a plan tailored to your individual fitness desires. The advantages of TruSculpt over EmSculpt are:

  • It provides twice as many muscle contractions.
  • You will gain twice the muscle mass.
  • We are able to treat the abdomen and buttocks simultaneously.
  • We can treat up to four areas at once, versus only one for EmSculpt.

TruSculpt provides significant benefits if you want to shape and build your muscles in your abdomen, arms, thighs, or buttocks. You will be able to add to your existing muscle bulk and improve your contour with a non-surgical treatment that is FDA approved. Additionally, this device is perfect for those patients with significant limitations, such as chronic back pain or arthritis. The first step in your personalized plan is to call for a free consultation. Our clinicians will help you make a personalized plan that will help you reach your goals.



With years of medical experience our doctors, Dr. Jared Mallalieu and Dr. Ross VanAntwerp, specialize in bringing out the best in people through our unique laser and cosmetic procedures. Get in touch with us for your free, no-obligation consultation.

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