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Breast Enhancement


Discover the Benefits of Breast Augmentation with Today’s Advanced Procedures

What is Breast Enhancement?

Breast enhancement is a cosmetic procedure which enlarges and enhances the breast contour. This is accomplished by placing a saline or silicone filled implant behind the breast.

A variety of methods are used to place the implant including infra-mammary (incision under the breast), peri-areolar (incision around the nipple), trans-axilliary (through the armpit), or trans-umbilical (through the belly button). The surgeon will discuss this with you.

Beyond the obvious difference that they are made of different products, other important differences exist between silicone and saline implants. Silicone implants come pre-filled, meaning the surgeon can not add or remove volume. Saline implants, however, can be altered. Many surgeons and patients feel silicone augmentation results in a softer feel with a more natural contour.

Prior to any breast surgery a detailed medical history is taken, especially with regard to family and personal breast cancer history. If indicated, recent mammogram reports are reviewed and each patient receives a breast exam. Patients will then discuss the various options regarding size and type of implant they would like.

Typical operating time depends on the method used to place the implant, but usually it is 2 hours in length.

An implant increases breast size. It does not prevent age related sagging.

Silicone implants are FDA approved.

Patients are given prescriptions for oral pain medication, as well as a muscle relaxant. Patients typically return to work between 7-10 days after surgery. Because the implants are usually placed under the chest muscle, upper body exercise should be avoided for at least one month. Walking and lower body exercise may be started sooner at the discretion of your surgeon.

Fortunately, implant rupture or leak seldom happens. In the case of saline implants, a leak is noticed immediately as the implant completely deflates. In the case of silicone, a rupture may be difficult to detect. Because of this, individuals opting for silicone implants are encouraged to have an MRI of the breasts every 2-3 years to confirm the integrity of the implant.



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