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Brazilian Butt Lift

Enhance and restore a more youthful appearance!

The quickest way to get your butt back in shape without hitting the gym.


Is your butt losing its oomph? If you want a more voluptuous backside without squatting for hours every day at the gym, you might benefit from our Brazilian Butt Lift procedure. The doctors at Profile MD will help you create a fuller, curvaceous bottom by injecting larger volumes of harvested fat into the buttocks.


Fat grafting involves two separate procedures. First, fat is removed from unwanted areas, such as the abdomen, waist or thighs using liposuction. The fat is then used to shape or fill other areas of the face or body.


The Brazilian Butt Lift combines liposuction and fat grafting by taking the fat from your unwanted areas and injecting them into your backside. Not only does the treatment fill out your buttock area, but it is also shaped to perfection so that you have a perky bottom that defies gravity.

The same technique used in the Brazilian Butt Lift is also used on other areas of the body, including your face. Where ever you choose to treat, fat grafting can add volume to create an overall more youthful appearance.

The Brazilian Butt Lift is increasing in popularity throughout the United States and around the world as bigger butts are becoming more coveted among peers. In fact, many doctors have now replaced the outdated Butt Implant for the better and safer Brazilian Butt Lift method. The Brazilian Butt Lift uses your actual body fat rather than a silicone or saline implant used in a Butt Implant that would harden, shift, or cause other disheartening side effects.

Those who undergo the Brazilian Butt Lift treatment generally have a little discomfort. You might also notice some swelling and bruising for the first two or three days.

Everybody takes to the Brazilian Butt Lift and fat grafting differently. Since the treatment involves taking fat cells from a different body and injecting them into your backside, your body can metabolize some of the transferred cells. Just as with other treatments, other side effects pose risk. However, we take extra precautions, and your safety remains a top priority. You can discuss with our doctors the other possible side effects of the procedure.

The Brazilian Butt Lift uses fat grafting, which includes manipulating fat cells. Since fat cells are living tissue, typically 60% of cells transferred will survive each transfer procedure. That means that the cells used in the process will gain or lose volume just like any other fat cells in your body, so diet and exercise can lead to their shrinking. It is common for patients to undergo a second procedure a few months after the initial transfer to achieve the most desirable results. At the time of fat harvest, any excess fat is saved and may be used for future procedures.

The treatment can take up to three hours, and you could be bedridden for ten days after that. Generally, it takes patients three to six months to see their final results, and for two of those months, there are extra precautions taken to achieve the best results.

The board-certified doctors at Laser Center of Maryland typically use general anesthesia or an IV solution for a Brazilian Butt Lift treatment.



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