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Allura Liposuction in Maryland.

Laser Liposuction

Allura liposuction is a state of the art body sculpting procedure which combines cutting edge laser technology with the proven treatment of liposuction. In this procedure, Dr. Mallalieu uses the Sciton Allura laser to gently melt and loosen fat in preparation for removal. Once the fat is treated with laser, Dr. Mallalieu uses thin cannulas (approximately the size of a pencil) to effectively remove the unwanted fat. The laser helps to minimize brusing and bleeding during this process. To make the treatment complete, Dr. Mallalieu finishes by using the Allura laser to help tighten the skin from the area treated with liposuction.

Dr. Mallalieu has over 10 years experience using the Allura device and has performed over 1,000 cases. Unlike many offices where patients don’t see the physician before surgery, Dr. Mallalieu evaluates all his patients in person and creates a treatment plan tailored to each patient. 

Laser Liposuction is a minimally invasive way to get rid of unsightly fat! Laser Liposuction can be used to lose those love handles, tighten skin, or as part of a mommy-makeover.

Someone with body fat that they want to get rid of.

Allura liposuction can be performed under local anesthesia, oral sedation (where the patient takes only a pill for relaxation) or full anesthesia in our Medicare Certified operating suite. Many smaller cases require only local numbing with something called Kleins solution. This a numbing solution which allows Dr. Mallalieu to perform liposuction without the need for general anesthesia. If patients undergo longer cases we will use general anesthesia.

Liposuction in any form is what’s called an ambulatory procedure. This means patients are up and moving from the time surgery ends. For small cases most patients return to work the next day. For cases involving multiple areas patients usually take 24-48 hours off. Patients should refrain from strenuous exercise for 2 weeks or until cleared by Dr. Mallalieu.

Under chin, jowls, Back of neck, Upper arms, Upper back, Upper & lower abdomen, Love Handles and Flanks, Hips and Waist, Inner and outer thighs, Buttocks, Inside of knees, Male chest (enlarged breasts).

The most significant difference is how much the skin tightens after the procedure. Heat produced by the laser tightens skin and rebuilds collagen. Traditional liposuction does not have this feature.

Yes! Laser Center of Maryland uses the Allura system from Sciton, which has full FDA approval. Our surgical team follows every precaution to give you an excellent result.

After swelling subsides, roughly 3 weeks.

We treat our incision sites with the same lasers we use for scar removal for several months after surgery. Incisions are 1/2 cm wide and closed with glue; typically they resolve without a visible mark within 6 months.

Many patients will combine liposuction with other procedures. Many patients who have had C-section will do a scar revision and mini-tummy tuck during their Allura procedures. Additionally, Dr. Mallalieu can take some of the unwanted fat and use it to enhance the breast or buttocks with fat grafting. Facial fat grafting can also be performed to enhance the lips or replace lost check volume.

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