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Tummy Tuck Procedure

Say goodbye to stubborn belly fat and sagging skin around your midsection with our different tummy tuck procedures at Profile MD.

A Tummy Tuck, or abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure which helps to restore and contour the abdomen. 

There are many types of Tummy Tucks available to patients. Our cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Jared Mallalieu, can guide you in choosing the right procedure for you!

What exactly is a Tummy Tuck?

There are three basic categories for Tummy Tuck. 

A traditional tummy tuck is the most aggressive type of abdominoplasty. In this procedure, Dr. Mallalieu will remove excess skin and unwanted fat and repair loose abdominal muscles. This the procedure of choice when patients present with a diastasis recti, or muscle wall separation. This is the only type of tummy tuck which repairs the muscle wall.  

A second type of Tummy tuck is the liposuction assisted tummy tuck, our ProFile Contour. This procedure combines the fat reduction of liposuction along with a skin removal to alleviate loose and hanging skin.  This procedure may be done with or without general anesthesia and does not require any drains.

The last type of tummy tuck procedure is a simple “mini-tuck,” our Profile Mini. This procedure is perfect to fix the skin or scars after a C-section or hysterectomy. This procedure effectively removes the scars which cause over hanging skin at the underwear line. It is the least invasive of the tummy tuck and doesn’t require anesthesia.

Tummy Tuck Before & After Photos

Tummy Tuck FAQs

Recovery varies depending on the type of tummy tuck performed. For our simple ProFile Mini tuck patients often return to routine activities the next day, with return to exercising at 4 weeks. The recovery for a liposuction assisted tummy tuck, the ProFile Contour, is similar with patients returning to work within 48-72 hours after surgery. The traditional tummy tuck requires more recovery time due to the nature of the procedure. With this type of surgery patients generally need 10-14 days off from work. Full activity is resumed 6-8 weeks from surgery.

With all types of tummy tucks, patients are encouraged to begin walking on day 1 after surgery. When indicated patients may be prescribed pain medication in the post-operative period. Finally, it is important that patients wear compression in the post-operative period. This helps to prevent swelling, improve skin retraction and gives support to the core. We also have in-house lymphatic massage therapy to help quicken recovery!

Many patients prefer to avoid general anesthesia when possible. The ProFile Mini and ProFile Contour are two options which do not require general anesthesia. In these procedures we provide oral medications to help with anxiety and pain. Dr. Mallalieu will use a form of local anesthesia call tumescent solution or Kleins solution to fully numb the abdomen and keep you comfortable. For the traditional tummy tuck, general anesthesia is required. Prior to having anesthesia you will see your primary care physician for medical clearance and have routine labs taken.

All types of tummy tuck will leave a scar. Thankfully these scars are typically placed below the bikini line. Additionally, ProFileMD has various options available to improve the scar and minimize scar appearance and thickness. Dr. Mallalieu performs a careful closure of the incision with absorbable sutures which will “melt” away. The incision will be covered with steri-strips to protect the incision for the week following surgery. Once these dressings are removed, patients are encouraged to use our silicone scar gel once. Our V-beam Pulsed Dye Laser and our Profractional laser are two options often used to further minimize scars. These treatments are offered at 50% off for patients who have surgery at Profile MD!

No. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia. People generally do very well after treatment and pain is minimal. Discomfort controls nicely with Tylenol or Motrin. The application of ice the evening after surgery helps to reduce swelling and pain.

Cosmetic surgery removes excess tissue to correct this condition. Laser treatment also works with cosmetic surgery to thicken collagen and to enhance healing of surgical incisions.

For the ProFile Mini and ProFile Contour tummy tuck drains are not generally needed. For the traditional tummy tuck with muscle plication, 2 drains are typically placed. This helps to reduce post-operative swelling and fluid accumulation. These drains are removed shortly after surgery.

Patients may shower and wash their hair the first day after surgery. You may also return to exercise the next day. It is advised that you avoid sleeping on a flat surface immediately following surgery. Spend the first night slightly elevated to minimize swelling.

Tummy tuck is often performed as part of a “mommy makeover.” These procedures may include a breast implant and lift, liposuction and fat grafting. Many patients will use some of the fat removed with liposuction as part of a Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL).

This depends on the type of tummy tuck performed. A Profile Mini typically lasts 1-2 hours while a traditional tummy tuck takes around 4 hours. No matter which tuck is right for you, rest assured our staff will keep you comfortable during your procedure.



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