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Cellulite Removal

CelluSmooth™ cellulite removal gets rid of pesky patches of cellulite on our clients in Severna Park, MD and surrounding areas. 

It’s never been easier to get rid of your cellulite patches.

Cellulite Removal

Cellulite Removal effectively treats dimpled skin with long-lasting results! The CelluSmooth Laser improves cellulite in one treatment. In fact, it is the only laser device that corrects uneven dimpled skin with long-lasting results. Our unique treatment breaks down the bands that pull skin into dimples, melts bulging pockets of fat, and builds collagen to smooth and firm skin.

Popular areas to treat are the thighs and buttocks. Treatment time averages one to two hours depending on the amount of work that needs to be done. CelluSmooth is comfortable, fast and effective. You will experience noticeable results with just one treatment.

The doctor numbs you with a local anesthetic to keep you comfortable during treatment. It does not require general anesthesia. An oral medication for relaxation is often given to complement the local anesthetic.

You may experience soreness and achiness for a few days following treatment. Most people are able to alleviate discomfort with over-the-counter medicines like Motrin. Bruising is common for up to a week. Normal household activities can be resumed shortly after treatment. You can resume gym activities two weeks after treatment.



With years of medical experience our doctors, Dr. Jared Mallalieu and Dr. Ross VanAntwerp, specialize in bringing out the best in people through our unique laser and cosmetic procedures. Get in touch with us for your free, no-obligation consultation.

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