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UltraPulse Laser for beautiful mole and growth removal

People want moles removed for several reasons

People have moles and growths removed from their face and body for a number of reasons.  Typically, moles are harmless, but some moles start to change in size, shape, color, or they fail to heal.  Patients rightfully become concerned when they notice these changes.   In this case, it is wise to take a biopsy prior to any method of removal.  People often want moles on their face removed for cosmetic purposes.   One person’s beauty spot is another person’s sore spot.    

What method of removal is  the best

Most moles are removed for cosmetic reasons which is why it is important to know what method of removal offers the best benefits.  Many doctors remove moles with a scalpel and then stitch the wound closed.  This method usually leaves a scar as the physician cuts into healthy tissue above and below the growth.   Surgical removal of melanomas and advanced skin cancers require this method of treatment.   For cosmetic removals, laser mole removal is a great choice because it does not involve stitches, it heals fast, and you get a good cosmetic result.

What are the benefits of laser mole and growth removal

  • Laser mole removal is noninvasive with a reduced chance for infection
  • The physician can treat several moles in one session
  • Surrounding tissues are not damaged due to its exactness
  • The treated area heals fast
  • It typically has a good cosmetic result

Operating microscope adds precision

An operating microscope also adds another layer of finesse to this method of removal.  The doctor can visualize the mole/growth through the scope as tissue layers are carefully lasered.  The patient has a red roughened area immediately following treatment that fades to their natural skin color in 10 to 14 days. 

UltraPulse Laser Treatment for exact care

Moles, skin tags, and keratoses (scaley patches) remove beautifully with UltraPulse Laser Treatment.  At Profile MD our doctors have the extra advantage of using an operating microscope to clearly see the tissue layers as they evaporate a lesion with laser light.   Treatment with the UltraPulse laser under microscopic guidance allows for a very precise procedure.   The patient stays comfortable during and after treatment. 

Are there any drawbacks with laser mole removal?

Anyone suspected of having melanoma or an advanced skin cancer should receive the traditional cut and stitch method to ensure removal of all cancer cells.  Such a concern would also necessitate a referral to a qualified surgical specialist.  To learn more about laser mole removal or for a FREE consultation contact Profile MD at 410-544-4600

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