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The Importance of Healthy Habits

As a health coach, there’s no better feeling than seeing a patient achieve their health and fitness goals. When it comes to improving overall health; it’s all about setting weight loss milestones and developing healthy habits you can practice all year long.

Choosing, and sticking with a regular exercise routine is one of the most critical habits you can pick up. Many people often spend entire days living an inactive lifestyle and it becomes more and more difficult to develop a healthy lifestyle.


During my coaching sessions; having an open, honest dialogue about their current health status and being able to address accountability is sometimes an uncomfortable moment, but it’s necessary.

Lots of emotions can be attached to the conversation about personal health. I often struggle with how to start a conversation that will help them create new habits without criticism. As a health coach; how do I empower patients to develop healthy habits?

Sure, it is possible for a client to lose weight simply through diet alone. However, including cardio/resistance training in one’s routine will have the most impact on fat loss while reshaping your physique.

Just 30 minutes of daily exercise can generate some impressive results. However, when a client is not able to follow through with their fitness motivation, the guilt/shame cycle rears its ugly head and will undo any progress made very quickly. Not everyone experiences this, but many do. 

Some people lead very busy lives and find it difficult to incorporate movement into their daily routines. They don’t feel good, they’re fatigued, their joints hurt, and the list goes on and on. 


Your body is a complex and beautifully designed system that can be your greatest tool for achieving a healthy and happy life. Keeping it strong becomes key to staying youthful, and more importantly, it will aid in the prevention of stress, injury, chronic disease, and many other health issues down the road. 


  • It helps to improve your immune system by reducing inflammation
  • Resistance training supports the immune, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems
  • Helps to regulate hormones
  • Improves healthy brain function and reduces stress and depression 
  • Promotes muscle growth and the ability to burn more calories  
  • For older clients, muscle maintenance is key to good mobility


  • I don’t have time
  • I don’t have the energy
  • I have kids
  • It makes me want to eat more

Carve out the time for physical activity. Treat it like any other task. If you live by your work calendar, set it as an ongoing appointment or a daily reminder just before lunch. Whether it’s a 10-minute Youtube video or a 7-minute workout in an app, just get started. Even something as simple as cleaning your house, running up and down the stairs 2 times in a row or squats every time you go to the bathroom or during commercial breaks. You CAN find the time! Remember it’s not about what you do at that moment but how much you’ve done over time. Everything counts. 

Here are some excellent workout routines you can try right now:

Who has the time to exercise when you have children?

For those who have children; I understand the balance of life, work, home, food, and family can be overwhelming and exhausting. It’s important for me to get them to start thinking beyond the stress of it all and begin thinking about what example they wish to present in front of their family. Any mother or father, prioritizing their health with food and exercise is a powerful role model for children. They benefit from seeing YOUR habits, and YOUR commitment. It is just THAT important!

But won’t more exercise just boost my appetite?

Yes, exercise CAN increase your appetite, and that’s okay. Your body is in constant communication with you. It’s what you eat that is key here. In moderation, complex carbohydrates are of tremendous benefit when you are working-out HARD. Not just doing a class here or there, or going on walks. Certain strength training regimens require more carbohydrates for best performance.

We could talk about diet, but that discussion is for another time. Movement is vital to overall health and weight loss management, but for right now, let’s just get you up and moving.

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