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Ripped Your Earlobe? Time for Earlobe Surgery

So now you need earlobe surgery?

You’re playing with your baby and he grabs at the shiny thing dangling from your earlobe. He misses. He misses. He gets it. Ouch. He yanked your earring right through your earlobe.

You’re hiking and having to duck through some dense undergrowth. You feel a little tug on your earlobe as you push through a bush and the next thing you know you’re bleeding profusely and your earlobe is torn clean through.

Or, you’ve been wearing really heavy earrings for a long period of time. And now your lobe can’t take it any longer. There’s a gaping hole rather than a tiny piercing.

Sounds like you’re going to need some cosmetic surgery to repair a torn earlobe. The team at Profile MD can do the job.

What’s involved in earlobe surgery?

Sometimes a damaged earlobe isn’t fully torn, but just has a tear resulting in an enlarged hole. This won’t heal on its own. Or, if the lobe is fully torn through, that also won’t heal without sutures.

The procedure is not difficult or painful. Our surgeon can repair a torn earlobe in around 30 minutes. All that’s needed is local anesthesia. The lobe tissue is sewn back together with the intent of creating the finest scar possible.

Does it hurt afterwards?

Pain from earlobe repair surgery is minimal and easily addressed with Advil, Motrin, or Tylenol. Applying ice to the area during the evening after your surgery helps keep the pain and swelling to a minimum.  You are also advised to keep your head elevated the first night following treatment to minimize swelling.

What’s unique about laser treatment for the scar?

Two weeks after your surgery,  you come back in and a member of the medical team will treat your incision(s) with a laser to flatten the scar and to reduce redness.  Laser treatment is a comfortable procedure that enhances your result.  Most people can re-pierce their ears after two weeks.

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