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Profile MD’s Medical Weight Loss Testimonial

See what one of Profile MD’s satisfied patients has to say about her experience with our medical weight loss program.

Working from home, sitting in front of a computer all day, and barely getting dressed most days, made it really easy for the weight to sneak on me. It wasn’t until I went on a field trip to the zoo with my grandson and I held up the bus for thirty minutes because I was so exhausted from walking through the park, that’s the moment my weight became a problem for me.

I was already a client at Profile MD for tattoo removal. So while I was sitting with nothing on but the hospital gown, my self-conscious side kicks in whenever I feel exposed, I begin explaining to the nurse why I have gained so much weight. The nurse’s assistant suggested the medical weight loss program at the center and I booked a consultation.

I remember the first day I came in for my consultation. I was extremely ashamed and embarrassed by all the weight that I had gained during the pandemic. But the doctor and the entire staff made me feel so comfortable and I felt like they never judged me. They answered all my questions and explained how to navigate the app and how to administer the medicine. They also booked me an appointment to meet virtually with Stacey who was definitely encouraging through this whole process.

This program is so different from any other program I have experienced or heard of from my peers who have been trying to lose weight. This program will tell you the “WHY” of where the weight is coming from whether it’s medical, physical, or mental. So many different factors can have an affect our weight that we are totally unaware of. The tests that were ordered uncovered a lot about my health. The talks with Stacey has helped tremendously with my nutrition and my mental health as well.

Today marked my 6-month anniversary of starting my weight loss journey. I am officially down 40 pounds. It’s not about the weight I have lost, but it’s more about what I have gained. I have gained the knowledge needed in order to maintain the loss. I have gained a better understanding of how my body works. I have gained a greater love of myself and the importance of taking care of me. My advice to anyone in the program is to “Trust The Process”. Please follow-up with all of the recommended tests and nutritional suggestions. I know it’s hard because I fell short at times, but “Trust The Process and NEVER Give Up”.

Thank you to Stacey, and the entire staff at Profile MD for your help and expertise.

-Sharolyn Y.

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